Why is the kitchen the most important refurbishment of my house?

The kitchen is a fundamental part of a home, is the place where most of the time is spent awake, and both the accessibility of appliances, as the pleasant and comfortable design is paramount, in the kitchen is where the family meets to eat, area where all our visits will pass and on many occasions, the preferred place of many people, for us the reform of kitchens is not just another reform, is where we put all our passion. We have in our team a highly qualified designer with 30 years of experience, yes, you have read well, more than 30 years, Joaquin Garcia Labrador, former founder of Design Kitchens in Torre del Mar, now works exclusively for us when it comes to a project of level.

Kitchen furniture in Nerja

Kitchen furniture should not be chosen from piles of catalogs to taste, despite what you may think is convenient to be advised, in the market there is a great diversity of shapes, colors and qualities, and what in principle may seem cheap, in a short time will have been a waste, which is why a professional of the caliber of our Designer will be key to guide you under his experience, both in brands, models and materials.

Kitchen chairs, dining tables, American kitchens, sinks, granite countertops, Silestone and Sinterlite, is a very complex world and a wide range that will overwhelm you, let yourself be advised by professionals who think of you, and not by sellers who only know numbers.

Disadvantages of buying appliances online

The assembly and installation are not the only aspects that will make you regret having saved 30€ on the appliance and then you will be 50€ increase that someone brings it to the home, synchronize with the carrier, install and assemble the appliance …

Because you don’t want to be touched by that bad plate from Balay that came to market with faults, nor do you want to miss that Balay released a fantastic induction plate in promotion that will save you 20% in costs and light.

We know what we’re talking about, that’s why we give a reasonable price and endless comforts.

“Reform your kitchen in Nerja and end up with a smile on your face is possible.”

What is the average price of a kitchen? With and without reforms

If something characterizes our team is the desire to look for the best for you, we can create the modern kitchen that you liked so much, but we do not only luxury kitchens and design, if what you want is an average kitchen, or simply reform your current kitchen, it is also possible.

You put the price of the reform of your kitchen.

A false ceiling or double ceiling will culminate in light, 90cm drawers will give you an enormous relief, renewing the windows and aluminum will be an economic detail that will dress much your kitchen reform, and no doubt a plate with some large fires will give you much freedom … You will not regret it.

Because Nerja Reforms is your company.

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